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However, a new audit of the Department of Justice finds that terrorist figures have been amplified well beyond the truth, reports The Washington Post . In an audit conducted on the Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys (EOUSA), a branch of the DOJ responsible for reporting terrorist convictions, inspectors found that the EOUSAs figures were significantly overstated. In 2009, convictions were inflated by 13%. The following year, that rate of exaggeration doubled to 26%. The branch chalks up the inconsistencies to human error and shoddy recordkeeping. Evidently, some terrorists were counted twice or merely counted again a year after the conviction was actually made. In other cases, suspects who had their charges dismissed altogether somehow were being counted as terrorist convictions. Additionally, further reviews demonstrated that convictions for non-terrorist crimes were incorrectly assigned terrorism codes and subsequently classified as such. Convictions for bank robbery, drug dealing and animal fighting were among the cases being counted as terrorism. These inaccuracies are important in part because DOJ management and Congress need accurate terrorism-related statistics to make informed operational and budgetary decisions, said Michael E. Horowitz, the inspector general of the EOUSA. Indeed, these numbers are important, which is all the more reason it shouldnt take an audit to learn the right statistics. Mistakes happen, but inflating the rate of terrorist convictions by more than a quarter seems pretty fishy. Math isnt that hard. It doesnt take a conspiracy theorist to wonder whether the exaggeration is intentional to help fuel the fear of terrorism .

Delaware > Unemployment rate: 7.3% (16th lowest) > Pct. below poverty line: 11.9% (11th lowest) Delaware the second smallest state by area and sixth least populous in the country also happens to be one of the richest. Favorable corporate tax laws have led more than 60% of America’s Fortune 500 companies to incorporate in the state, increasing its tax revenue substantially. Almost 6% of the families in the state earned more than $200,000 last year, one of the highest proportions among all states. Meanwhile, fewer than 10% of the state’s residents were without health insurance in 2011, the eighth-lowest across the nation. 8. Hawaii > Unemployment rate: 6.2% (8th lowest) > Pct. below poverty line: 11.5% (8th lowest) Virginia’s unemployment rate in 2011 was much better than the national rate of 8.9%. Overall, the state’s economy is quite healthy, an issue that will no doubt be in focus in the upcoming election. As a key swing state, the question is whether voters give credit for this to President Obama or Republican Gov. Bob McDonnell. The northern region of the state, outside the Washington D.C. area, included the three wealthiest counties in the U.S. In the city of Arlington, located in the capital region, nearly 20% of families earned more than $200,000 annually, almost four times the national rate. However, the wealth does not spread out to the rural regions of the state where 3.7% of families earned less than $10,000 a year, a large percentage for a state that is considered wealthy.

U.S. states see public sector job losses in August

With a new Premier League deal just under way, United expect to generate annual revenue in excess of 420million by this time next year. MONEY LIST You’ll be amazed how much money the world’s biggest clubs make. Check out the top 20 from 2013 . Estimates are the new TV contract will represent an increase of “between 35 and 38 per cent on the previous three-year deal” according to Red Devils executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward. But evidently, commercial income is the main force behind a 13.4 per cent rise in overall revenue to 363.2million. And the United States is where the Old Trafford outfit are looking to expand their horizons now. “The US market is under penetrated,” Woodward said. “It is a very big media market, the most developed sports market in the world. “But we don’t want to deals that are quick and wrong, that tie us up and we regret afterwards. “We believe there has been an inflection point from 2010-11 when interest levels in football have increased. “In the last three years the number of people watching Manchester United has gone up by between 30 and 35 per cent each year. NBC reported peak viewership for our game against Chelsea last month was the biggest weekday afternoon audience since the Olympics. “It is moving away from being a niche sport and into the territory of competing with some of the top sports in the country.” United’s massive commercial arm, which will shortly boast an office in New York, in addition to the one that was opened in Hong Kong last year, now represents 42 per cent of total revenue, with sponsorship deals alone amounting to 90.9million, a rise of 44.1 per cent.

Report: Richest states in the U.S.

“In general, governments have been slashing jobs and the private sector has been picking up the slack,” said Brent Campbell, who follows U.S. regional trends as an associate economist for Moody’s Analytics. In Wisconsin, where the jobless rate ticked down to 6.7 percent in August from 6.8 percent in July, the private sector added 7,300 jobs, mostly in construction. Local government, meanwhile, lost 1,200 positions, according to the state’s employment department. Maryland, where the federal government is a large employer and contractor, is also seeing strength in the private sector. The state gained 9,700 jobs in August from July, and its unemployment rate dropped to 7 percent from 7.1 percent. “Today’s jobs report also reaffirms the strength of Maryland’s dynamic private sector. Over the past 12 months, our businesses have created 37,800 jobs – nearly nine out of every 10 new jobs created in our state,” Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley said in a statement on Friday. In neighboring Virginia, the unemployment rate rose slightly to 5.8 percent from 5.7 percent in July. Both the private and public sectors in the state lost jobs, but the losses in total government equaled 1,100, compared with 800 jobs shed in areas such as trade and transportation, construction and manufacturing, according to a state report also released on Friday. JOBS TERRAIN The labor department data also showed the jobs terrain was still uneven among the states in August. Jobless rates rose from the month before in 18 states and the District of Columbia, dropped in 17 and remained the same in 15. From August 2012, unemployment rates dropped in 36 states and the District of Columbia, rose in 12 and were unchanged in Arizona and Oklahoma. Similarly, the Labor Department found the number of jobs increased in 29 states since July, decreased in 20 states and the District of Columbia and was unchanged in Montana.