Summit Europe, Singularity University’s First Public Event, Coming November 15-16 To Budapest

But then the FCC decided not to regulate broadband the same way. Whereas telecom providers had to practice unbundling, Internet providers didn’t the better to encourage them to build more infrastructure , or so the logic went. If all the companies expected to freeload, nobody would take the responsibility to lay the cables. Today, that means every ISP owns its own network. But it also means there are fewer competitors in the marketplace. “In the year 2000, there were 9,000 ISPs in the United States,” Kehl told me. After the FCC steered clear of unbundling for broadband, she said, the number fell by 74 percent to less than 2,500 in 2005. Now that the market for broadband has become so empty, net neutrality is one of the few policies that can keep the Internet open and affordable, Kehl said. Europe will be watching the D.C. Circuit closely for a decision on net neutrality. However the case turns out, it will set a major precedent for the dozens of activist groups working independently in each country, said Roslyn Layton, an American Internet economist at Aalborg University in Copenhagen. “Every country defines net neutrality differently.

Europe’s Famous Hostels Welcomes Five New Members

This special two-day program will play host to a theater of 800 to be held at the historic Franz Liszt Academy of Music and will profile some of Singularity Universitys most in-demand faculty, including co-founder Ray Kurzweil. The program aims to stimulate an awareness and discussion among the public of the global impact that exponential technologies will have in shaping our future whether youre an executive, policy maker or entrepreneur. A preview of the event is highlighted in the following video: Over the course of the program, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the robotics revolution, the security challenges of an increasing digital world, the future of energy, innovations in biotech and medicine that are transforming the role of physicians, and the resulting impact on ethics, society, the economy, and the regulatory environment. Participants will understand what these changes mean for future business opportunities in Europe and beyond. Furthermore, a showcase of the breakthrough startups accelerated at Singularity University Labs will highlight the entrepreneurs and innovators working to improve the lives of billions around the world. In parallel, free design and technology workshops (open to the public) will also be held in downtown Budapest that will host hands-on workshops for kids including topics related to robotics, strawberry DNA and the tools of 3D printing. Even though the Summit isnt until November, the excitement surrounding the event is already building. Last Thursday in Budapest, Singularity University held a launch party for the Summit Europe hosted by the Commercial Section of the U.S. Embassy in Budapest. U.S. Commercial Counselor, Robert Peaslee, was in attendance with a host of regional organizations to celebrate Singularity Universitys 5th anniversary and the upcoming November event. This is an incredible opportunity to join innovators, executives, and policy makers to understand the opportunities presented by the defining technologies of our age. Bringing Singularity University to Budapest has been spearheaded by a passionate team of alumni; they includeSummit Europes Founding Directors Botond Bognar and Csaba Szabo, both part of SUs Ambassador program in Europe, in conjunction with Ann Rogan, Director of Global Development at SU.

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