London escort scammers exposed

While London escort agencies serve to fulfill men’s` needs, some have sadly taken advantage of them. They use this to fraudulently get money from interested parties. Beware! Take caution where you tread lest you end up regretting why you thought of it at first.

How they do it.

What thy basically do, they pose as high class London escort girls. They only difference with the genuine ones is that they have forged profiles. The service without doubt is false as well. Most of them put up a show for even one whole year. They are mainly after your trust. As soon as they feel you trust them enough, they make a move by asking for money. Most of them use the excuse of wanting to believe you are human.


You might wonder how they use this time before they have gained full trust. Most of them send gifts purporting they are real. Once you have received the gift from a so called high class London escorts (usually something petty) they ask for something in return. They are convincing enough and you might end up parting with a huge amount of money. Once you send the money they cut communication abruptly never to hear from them again.

Some of the tricks they use.

Take note, scammers take their time in preparation. As time goes, they get to know you well and they especially dwell on your interests. After they have created a strong emotional bond, they strike! Some come with really enticing stories that trigger your emotions.

Some so called elite London escorts come to you claiming they were in an accident. Once they are sure you feel touched they ask for some money. Some will say they are in hospital while others will say they are getting their strength back at home. All kinds of reasons surface to stress how much they need the money.


Others come saying they are ill and need immediate medical attention. If you are light-hearted enough, you will fall into the trap. They bring up hazardous medical situations that will leave you in pity. If not careful, you might send some money to a healthy person for medical bills.

Some are just after getting your details. be very careful with your personal details when you meet a London escorts in the net by searching on  . Do not disclose your personal information to them. Advise by John owner of London escort agencies; He added Once they have your email in hand, they come with convincing stories. Some pretend they are high-ranking authorities. For instance, you can get an email claiming you have won a lot of money. They ask for a small fee necessary in making transfers. As soon as they receive the money they end communication.


Another kind of scammers come up with a story of wanting help in transferring funds. They might claim friendship with big people in governments. They go ahead to ask for your help in securing the money for their friends. Once they gain your trust, they ask you to chip some transfer fee. As soon as you send the fee, they disappear.

Another kind of fund transfer scammers are those who claim they are poor. A  escort girl befriends you and with time tells you her real “touching story”. Personally I met an high class escorts in London  last year summer to see her hop over to this site. she was telling me touching story and seeking help from me. So my advice would be don’t fall for such stories. Most times they claim they are refuges who are daughters of high-ranking personalities. They claim they ran away as a result of conflict in their motherland. They ask for help in transferring inherited wealth once they are sure you bought their idea. Since they propose keeping it in your bank account, you might get excited. Once you agree, they ask for a small fee and as soon as they get it; off they go!

These are just but a few of the tactics escort scammers use. Lookout for phony stories by London escorts and be cautious when giving personal details. This is reality, they are out there waiting for a chance to prey on you.