J. D. Salinger, Privacy And Celebrity — A Q&a With The Director Of The New Film

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Salinger and it gets a 30 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes , is that because No One Is Allowed To Write About Salinger Except As An Idol of Purity and Isolation, or for some other reason? The film has been criticized for focusing on the writers life without adequate focus on the works that made us care about his life, but is any more focus on the work possible, given Salingers hard-won, tight control over his literary estate? Shane Salerno, the films director, has been vigorously defending the work for instance, in this Esquire piece . I spoke on the phone with Salerno about the film and the response. How instructive is an authors life for confronting his work? Is there really some sort of complete special exemption for Salinger, a conspiracy of silence around author of The Catcher in the Rye, discouraging anyone who tries to tell his story? Are people not allowed to write about him? Is it true that if you read The Catcher in the Rye aloud three times in front of a mirror with burning candles, a mysterious woman appears and urges you to assassinate someone? (That last question was an ill-timed joke that we did not actually address in the course of the conversation.) J. D. Salinger, the legendary recluse coming to theaters near you! One of the things that the film and book show in pretty great detail is that J.D.

5 Biggest Celebrity Famewhores and How We Prove It!

Biggest Celebrity Famewhores and Why We Hate Them

It should also come as no surprise that Jay-Z won the sweepstakes. The rapperwho recently sold his stake in the Brooklyn Nets and then launched Roc Nation Sports, his own agencywas recently spotted at the nuptials of LeBron and high school sweetheart Savannah Brinson. And Jay wasn’t there just to enjoy the spread; he was there to perform with wife Beyonce. You know you’re a big deal when Jay-Z and Bey are performing at your wedding. Mark Wahlberg & Jimmy Butler When you hear that Mark Wahlberg is in a bromance with an athlete, you figure it has to be someone from Boston. Wahlberg, after all, is a proud Beantown product, on par with the Matt Damons and Ben Afflecks of the world. But instead, Wahlberg and Jimmy Butler of the Chicago Bulls are BFFs. How did this happen? Wahlberg was in Chicago shooting Transformers 4 when he encountered Butler at the Bulls’ practice facility. The two, naturally, engaged in a friendly game of one-on-one, which Butler chronicled on Twitter . A bromance was bornone so strong that it made Wahlberg question his own fandom .

These two are equivalent to a train wreck but we cant help but stare. The only question remains is why havent they self destructed yet? There is no hope for humanity, if these two attention whores ever become interesting, exciting or relevant. I am just waiting on a Kanye West and Kim Kardashian sex tape to accidentally be released? Kaynes temper is evident but his actions against the paparazzi and the world is just a ploy to remain relevant and wealthy. Looking at a picture of these two imbeciles makes me want to punch myself. Who did I miss? Who would you put on the list and why? There are many celebrities that seek and search for fame but among the many who are the one that remain fameless and only seek attention. RELATED POSTS blog advertising is good for you More HOT Laundry! Prince William Quits Military To Find His Moms Killers Princess Dianas Assassins Will Be Caught The Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Are at War Ryan Murphy Drops Major Glee Spoilers Read Them Here! Teen Mom 3 is Coming This Summer – Details HERE!