Iheartradio Music Festival Full Of Surprises

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20 in Las Vegas. Isaac Brekken, Getty Images, for Clear Channel Jason Derulo poses in the iHeartRadio photo room on Sept. 20 in Las Vegas. Chelsea Lauren, WireImage Juicy J arrives at iHeartRadio on Sept. 20 in Las Vegas. He joined Katy Perry onstage for ‘Dark Horse.’ David Becker, Getty Images, for Clear Channel Actress Kate Hudson attends iHeartRadio on Sept. 20 in Las Vegas. Jason Kempin, Getty Images, for Clear Channel Roger Taylor, left, and Brian May of Queen attend iHeartRadio on Sept. 20. Queen reunited to close the Friday night show in Las Vegas. David Becker, Getty Images, for Clear Channel Like this topic? You may also like these photo galleries: Replay Last Slide Next Slide Two-day Las Vegas event kicks off with sets from Queen, Katy Perry, Chris Brown and Elton John. Adam Lambert, left, and Brian May of Queen perform onstage during the iHeartRadio Music Festival at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Sept. 20, 2013, in Las Vegas. (Photo: Christopher Polk, Getty Images, for Clear Channel) Story Highlights Robin Thicke showed some skin (unintentionally) during ‘Blurred Lines’ Miguel and TLC joined J. Cole onstage, Juicy J performed with Katy Perry and fun. sat in with Queen iHeartRadio Music Festival continues Saturday with sets by Bruno Mars and Paul McCartney SHARE 63 CONNECT 54 TWEET 11 COMMENTEMAILMORE LAS VEGAS Perhaps Robin Thicke has been hanging out with Miley Cyrus too much lately. Thicke showed some skin during his performance of Blurred Lines near the beginning of Friday’s iHeartRadio Music Festival perhaps more than he intended.

Miley Cyrus Performs at iHeartRadio Music Festival

He speaks frankly about wanting to cultivate JLSS as a brand and business — “My goal is really to have a credible platform in all forms for talented songwriters to garner attention” — and continues to push harder than ever. Over the last few months Jimmy has presented two large-scale live events at New York’s High Line Ballroom featuring guests from the TV show, and notes with deserved satisfaction that JLSS “has produced more content in the past year than the previous three [combined].” Lloyd also recently signed a major online syndication deal with a Comscore 100 website, an arrangement that purports to take JLSS to an even farther-ranging audience than the program’s original greenlight from NBC. According to McCready, the biggest challenge for Lloyd now is “not losing momentum on what he has. It’s is a tough climb, but I wouldn’t bet against Jimmy. He is determined, and everything just keeps getting bigger for him.” Coletti believes Jimmy’s strength lies in “not being a slave to the old model [of the music industry], and he’s not compromising the show for a broader audience.” Longtime viewers will note that JLSS’s format continues to evolve; initially there was an even split between performances and artist interviews, then came a series of interview-only episodes, and now there’s a trend toward purely performance-based installments. The show may still be finding its wings, but that could very well be its biggest attraction. “People don’t watch TV the way they used to,” Levy notes. “It’s not unusual for you to watch ten hours of a show in a row. With that in mind, changing the format over time makes even more sense — keeps it fresh.” At the same time, Coletti adds, “You know what you’re going to get [with JLSS]. Jimmy’s got the ingredients, he’s just playing with the mixture and the recipe.” With diverse artists like Acey Slade , Peter Cincotti , Hank and Cupcakes , and Sylvana Joyce looking to share their music, it seems Jimmy’s collection of kindred spirits is destined to expand ever further. “I always live in the world of ‘things are possible,'” Lloyd sums up. “And when things are possible, it’s anyone’s guess what can be achieved.

Before she hit the stage, the crowd of a few hundred chanted: “Miley! Miley! Miley!” The 20-year-old emerged onstage in all white, wearing a tight corset and high wasted shorts that revealed some of her backside. Her four-song set opened with the anthemic “We Can’t Stop,” where people onstage were dressed in flower, mushroom and rainbow costumes. She gyrated and slapped a dwarf-sized dancer’s butt onstage. She followed the colorful performance with “Party In the USA.” But it was her emotional rendition of “Wrecking Ball” that was her set’s highlight. Cyrus’ mascara was running as she left the stage after the song and the performance comes days after she announced she was no longer engaged to actor Liam Hemsworth. She thanked the audience for helping the song top the Billboard Hot 100 chart this week. “I couldn’t have done it without all you guys,” she said. Cyrus broke a record with the debut of the song’s provocative video, which features her in the nude. It became the fastest music video to reach 100 million views on VEVO. The wild child singer said she knows “things I’m doing that’s getting me into trouble and it’s just me doing what my heart and soul is telling me what to do.” Everything she’s done is “inspired by the music,” she said. Cyrus, who will release her new album “Bangerz” next month, also sang a new song called “Look at What They’ve Done to My Song.” The guitar tune featured lyrics like “They think I’m half insane” and “I wish I could find a book to live in.” Cyrus has been added as one of the main performers for the second night at iHeartRadio’s festival at the MGM Grand Arena, joining a list that includes Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, Paul McCartney and Drake.

Jimmy Lloyd: Building Music and Media From the Grassroots Up

How much has the Nigerian music industry fared in term of success, particularly hip-hop? So far, so good; Nigerian hip-hop has gone far because it is no longer where people expected it to be. I remember back in the days, people, especially parents, never knew that there would come a time when young men and women would become very big through music. Then, it was like a childs play. The kinds of music they knew were juju and fuji but hip-hop has gone far beyond their imagination. We were doing it then because it was new. We imitated the Western world and did it in our own way in our own beat, message and culture. Ill say it has become very broad. You can see our local artistes collaborating with foreign artistes these days. When should Nigerians expect something new from you? The new single I just released, Omotodun Reloaded, was remixed under Icon Entertainment. The label has found me and I believe it is a big opportunity for me to express myself and what I have inside of me to the world. It is a big opportunity for Nigerians to see more of me.