A manual for escort agencies London and its workers

For anything to work well, a manual is mandatory. Specially when it comes to London escorts, they need direction too on what is right. This helps both newbies and the older escorts. Newbies get to learn what they should do while the older escort girls improve their approach. Of special importance to the escorts is safety. Since their business is risky as they get to meet complete strangers escorts need to know a few things about self-defence. Go ahead! If you are new in the business of escort agencies London or you are some old escort in the trade you need to read this.

Confirm payments beforehand.

Since the London escort agencies business is all about money, an escort should make sure she will get paid. London escort agencies should make Payment confirmation before engaging in any kind of activity with the client. As soon as an escort girl negotiates payment with her client, she should ask for payment. If the client decides to bring with him the money at the time of meeting, ask him before anything else takes place. This way, an escort has some security for she can withhold services when the client declines to fulfil his part of the bargain.

Talk to clients for a short while before serving them.

For any meeting that an escort gets involved in, there is the aspect of tension. This is perfectly normal for meeting a stranger is awkward. This especially matters the nature and purpose of an escort-client meeting. So as to break the silence and get into a sober mood, a small talk is advisable. This relieves any tension built up and gives escorts the chance to know their customers. Remember, knowing a few things about a client is important as it helps decide on his fantasies, tastes and distastes.

Keep any personal belongings safely.

Once again, it is important to remind ourselves that the business of escort agencies London are a risky affair. As such, escorts never know what to expect. In regards to this, prevention is better than cure, it is always wise to play safe. Therefore, London escorts should always guard jealously what they love most. Special care needs be given to identification cards. The escort industry involves a lot of privacy and so should it stay. Nonetheless, some clients go an extra mile by unmasking escorts identities. To avoid such unwanted exposures, it is good that you keep your documents safe or if possible do not carry them with you at all.

Make a quick observation of your surroundings.

Out call escort services depend on clients’ matters choice of meeting place. An out call escort should take mental notes on the place of meeting. Such quick observations help in determining if a place is suitable. The experienced London escorts should not hesitate to make excuses and leave if a place seems unsafe. Remember to report that to the parent agency to avoid penalties. This could also help in warning other escorts about the client in question. The same applies for any stuff in the rooms booked for appointment. An escort in London has the right to ask for removal of any material she deems offensive.

Time is money: manage it well.

Most London escorts work on a very tight schedule. During appointments, escorts should take note of the time spent. This helps avoid over/under staying and saves time for more encounters. Time tracking is important for an escort can detect overtime which she can charge. Time management is also important as escorts girls need to arrive promptly for any appointments. Escorts who, manage their time well get more appointments and their time is well accounted for. To avoid any losses, join the bandwagon! Track your time.